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Holiday home to rent in Haute Savoie, France                    

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The house is located 1 km from the south end of Lake Annecy, in the French department (county) of Haute Savoie. Lake Annecy is the first major French lake as you head south from Geneva. Annecy is 30 minutes’ drive from Geneva airport via a fast AutoRoute.


The village of Lathuile is approximately a further 30 minutes’ drive around the west side of Lake Annecy. The house is at the end of a peaceful cul-de-sac in the village of Lathuile, about 1 km off the south end of the lake.


The Google map is helpful to get a general idea of where the house is...




Getting there – Flying

Via Geneva

Geneva offers the greatest number of daily flights to the UK. Once at Geneva, you have 3 options…

1. Car rental from Geneva airport

2. Bus to Annecy followed by bus to Lathuile

3. Train to Annecy followed by bus to Lathuile

The cheapest option is express bus from Geneva airport to Annecy, followed by local bus service around the lake from Annecy to Lathuile. The bus stop in Lathuile is about 5 minutes’ walk from the house.

The train option is more expensive to get to Annecy, but is pleasantly scenic and comfortable. When in Geneva Airport baggage reclaim, be sure to look for the ticket machine that issues FREE tickets to travel by train from Geneva airport to Geneva Central railway station. The ticket is valid for 2 hours. BEFORE boarding the train to Geneva Central, call in to the railway ticket shop at Geneva airport. They will advise the best route and timing for trains to Annecy and also sell you the ticket. Once you reach Annecy, catch the no.51 bus around the lake to Lathuile, as described above.

Via Lyon

Whilst there are fewer daily flights to Lyon, it is an option which we sometimes take based on airfare prices (often cheaper than Geneva). From Lyon, there are both express buses and trains to Annecy. There is usually little price difference between the bus and the train.

Via Grenoble

We have not yet used this routing, but know there are good connections from Grenoble to Annecy/Albertville and then the no.51 local bus onwards to Lathuile.

Getting there – Driving

If you are not familiar with France, there is an excellent motorway (AutoRoute) system. There are endless well designed rest stops and also numerous good quality service points for fuel and meals.

Via Calais or Dunkirk

The journey from the north coast is approximately 520 miles. Including 2 fuel /meal/coffee stops, the journey usually takes 8 hrs 30 mins to/from Calais or Dunkirk. Motorway tolls are approximately 70 euro each way.

Via Dieppe

The journey from Dieppe is approximately 480 miles. Including 2 fuel /meal/coffee stops, the journey usually takes 8 hrs. Motorway tolls are approximately 55 euro each way.